Beaded jewelry. Scheme to earrings and necklaces We offer you to weave beaded jewelry. Schemes with detailed step by step description for earrings and necklaces will explain the difficult moments. Might be interested in this fascinating occupation, for example daughter, is today beading again relevant.
You will need:
  • 10-15 g minced green beads
  • 5-7 g brown cut beads
  • 5-7 g light pink bead
  • 2 g of dark red beads with silver inside
  • 1 -2 g of the transparent beads
  • 5 beads-pearls with a diameter of Z mm
Start braiding from the middle lobe on a filament length of 35-40 cm with a needle at each end. The Central row proplatit on one needle. Further, each side lobe and whipping on different needles (Fig. 1-3). When polecenie transparent beads in Fig. 3 tighten the thread, which will give the petal a curved shape. When assembling the petals in the flower between the petals collect one Burgundy bead. In the middle of the flower weave bead-pearl. All 10 maroon beads go around the circle again. Below the petals is exactly lying in the plane, seal them, upleta between them on a transparent bead (Fig. 4). The shamrocks are made up of individual leaves sewn together. Each of them is woven from minced beaded on two needles. Take the grey or green thread length 70-60 cm (it is advisable to weave the thread in two additions — then the length should be double) and start to weave a leaf from the middle in Fig. 5 and 8 (chopped beads are conventionally shown round). Fig. 7 sew the sides of two leaves, the third leaf vsheyte between them. Connect the leaves into a garland with 1-3 links in the chain "cross" (Fig. 8). On top of the connections tab flowers. Chain "flowers" paddlelite on both sides of garlands in Fig. 9, thread a length of 80-100 cm Sew the clasp. Secure the thread. Beaded jewelry. Scheme to earrings and necklaces
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