Funny figures made of wooden beads

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Digress a little from the complicated tapestry that is beaded, and try themselves not so much in the other direction, and the result is fun pendants. Charm pendants...

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Butterfly keychain

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Has long we have not paid any attention to the beaded animals and insects, focusing on jewelry. Available today to correct this omission. And make here's a fun keychain in...

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Sweets bead

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The beads can do almost everything that ever come our way. For example, you can make different delicious items that will not be us paying for the beads in your...

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Snake bead from Adele Recklies

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And in anticipation of the new year, we thought it sacrilegious not to acquaint you with the work of Adele, especially since she has quite a lot of works devoted...

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Another spider for Halloween

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Continue to develop an interesting theme of celebrating the scariest day of the year. Naturally, the more horror stories are present in your interior, the better and happier will be...

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Nautical souvenir

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Has already passed time for the holidays, and the majority came back and plunged into working life. However, even in this case, there is an actual problem of Souvenirs to...

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Spider for Halloween for a few minutes

Hits:763 Figurines of beads

If you haven't started to prepare for this holiday, now is the time. According to the beliefs of the British, and from there came to us this holiday, in the...

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Art and sculpture bead

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We continue to get acquainted with the works of famous masters, whose skill impresses and forces us to look at beading in a somewhat unusual perspective. Today we will talk...

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Charming angel from beads

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Our whole life consists of pleasant things, which we purchased. But most of them we can do with their hands. For example, here is such an amazing, delicate keychain, in...

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Dragonfly beaded

Hits:808 Figurines of beads

To make a souvenir in the form of a dragonfly bead is very simple even a beginner. So that you can bring to this employment and children. They like this...

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Fridge magnet butterfly

Hits:891 Figurines of beads

Fridge magnets help to create the mood, and in the morning when it is especially important. So, we offer you to make a braided beaded magnet of a butterfly on...

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A small gallery of spiders

Hits:812 Figurines of beads

Earlier we offered several master classes dedicated to the Western festival, so successfully taken root at us – Halloween. There you could learn the basic techniques of weaving beaded spiders...

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Cute baby doll beaded

Hits:925 Figurines of beads

To make a cute keychain of beads really easy. But in some cases, in addition to the usual materials you will need and more. For example, we offer you to...

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Pig. Animals beaded

Hits:1101 Figurines of beads

To weave the pig, using the scheme of figure 1 make bead frame pink. Then take the circuit in figure 2 vyplatit the body of the pigs (plaiting and...

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Cobra. Animal pattern beaded

Hits:1785 Figurines of beads

The weaving of a Cobra (snake) bead is simple and quick, since all the ranks are interrelated, continue to each other, which reduces the number of nodes in the...

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Pig. How to make beaded animals

Hits:1619 Figurines of beads

If you are interested in the topic of "how to make beaded animals, "then this article is for you. Presented the figure of a pig is executed in the...

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Sheep. Animal pattern beaded

Hits:1010 Figurines of beads

When netting sheep from a series of animal pattern beaded we will use the parallel weaving. 1 - 2nd series: strung on a wire in middle of four beads...

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Elephant. Animal bead for beginners

Hits:860 Figurines of beads

See animals from beads will be able to perform even novice quilters. Uses a simple parallel weave. Manufacturer elephant bead starts with the tail.   1 - 2nd series: strung...

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Monkey. Animals from beads with schemes

Hits:1198 Figurines of beads

Proposed in the section animals from beads with schemes weaves the parallel weave. For uses two shades of brown - dark and light, and a pair of black beads for...

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Hammerhead and tiger shark bead

Hits:1494 Figurines of beads

Bead can weave any animal. But it is necessary to dive into the underwater world, and there you are amazing, and sometimes dangerous creatures. It is interesting to weave the...

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Parrot common parrot with a long tail beaded

Hits:1645 Figurines of beads

Figurines from beads in the form of a bright, talkative parrots will occupy a worthy place in your collection. They can be put side by side on a twig or...

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Keychain made of beads in the form of a cat

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This keychain beaded must-have for every fan of cats, because the kitty is not simple, and the tri-color and that means it will bring luck, and even on her neck...

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Koala. Key chains beaded

Hits:964 Figurines of beads

Key chains beaded weave interesting and entertaining. At this time we do a little Koala. Koalas mainly eat eucalyptus leaves and almost whole day sleeping on the trees. Probably, it's...

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Monkey. Keychain beaded

Hits:4525 Figurines of beads

Beading - not a monkey's uncle! It openly declares the adorable monkey keychain beaded, some will want to have all your friends. Here they are, the antics of naughty-monkeys! ...

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Brown discus. Fish bead

Hits:948 Figurines of beads

Beautiful fish bead is not difficult to weave, to make it even a child can do. As in many works, there is a parallel weave. Materials: 2 beads of...

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Cockerel chicken. Key chains beaded

Hits:875 Figurines of beads

Funny squirrel bead for a phone or keys will not go unnoticed. Crafts in the form of a Cockerel chicken, you can also donate on the feast of Easter to...

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Fox. Animals beaded

Hits:833 Figurines of beads

In order to make the figure of a redhead cute Fox beadmust be strung into the middle of the wire 7 beads and 4 of them to thread the...

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How to make a simple butterfly bead (crow's eye)

Hits:832 Figurines of beads

Butterfly bead -a beautiful and spectacular decoration. It can be put on a potted flower or a bouquet in a vase. Someone who likes to attach curtains to the...

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Angel bead

Hits:798 Figurines of beads

  Size: height 5-6 cm You will need: 1 bead with a diameter of about 10 mm; beading white and gold; wire with a diameter of about 0.2...

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Toy "Angel"

Hits:899 Figurines of beads

Material: Beads white "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1006 - 10 oz., beads yellow "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col 1557 — 5 oz., beads...

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Hits:799 Figurines of beads

Card No. 4 You'll need: a piece of copper wire of 30 cm in length; two glass beads light brown colors: 1 5 mm (for head), 1 with a diameter...

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Hits:842 Figurines of beads

Card No. 3 You'll need: beads round shape No. 10: approximately 1 g of yellow, beige and black; copper wire diameter 0.3 mm-1.4 m. THE ORDER OF EXECUTION Cut the wire 2...

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Hits:748 Figurines of beads

Card No. 2 You'll need: beads round shape No. 11: about 1 g of brown; cutting: about 1 g of a silvery color; ♦ the bead number 10: 2 pieces yellow or green; ♦...

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Hits:795 Figurines of beads

Card No. 1 You'll need: ♦ beads round shape No. 11: 27 pieces red color; 9 pieces black; ♦ copper or red wire of diameter 0.3 mm, about 0.3 m. (set included) THE ORDER OF EXECUTION Manufacturer model...

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Hits:836 Figurines of beads

1. Follow these 5 diamonds two strands (step 1). 2. Connect the diamonds to each other through the first rows, inserting between one bairine. Put a large bead on...

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Hits:882 Figurines of beads

This adorable Bunny can be sewn as a decoration on clothes, used as a keychain or just as a souvenir. So he turned out to be voluminous, you...

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Dragonfly from beads

Hits:832 Figurines of beads

In this article I will tell how you can do here is be cute as a gift or just for your own joy. I've spent making this thing less than...

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Hits:950 Figurines of beads

Material: Beads white "Guetermann Seeds" ORT. 773875 col 1006 -6 gr., beads yellow "Guetermann Seeds" of art. 773875 col. 1557-2 gr. beads silver "Guetermann Seeds" of...

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