Embroidered Valentine

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This Valentine can make those who love and appreciate beadwork. Moreover, the work itself is not difficult, and as a result you will get a nice souvenir for the second...

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Embroidery flower with beads

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And today our lesson is devoted to those who love to bead, thereby decorating their clothes and accessories. Flower — beadwork   You will need thin thread, a needle...

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Learn to embroider. Beads and sequins.

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Today we will analyze with you how you can decorate your clothes with the help of beads and sequins. In the future, this ability can be useful for giving new...

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Embroider with beads. Lesson three.

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Now, as promised, will do more steep turns our embroidery. Curved arc beads   The beginning like last time, is that way – draw the figure on the skin, along with cross lines...

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Learn to embroider with beads. Lesson 1.

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Bead embroidery is a real art. And if you know a few simple rules, you will be able to create in this technique, everything – accessories, clothes, jewelry or items...

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Embroidery with beads and sequins

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In several of our articles we have already stopped his attention on the embroidery, where the beads and pitki. We offer you another option. Embroidery with beads and sequins...

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What you need for embroidery beading icons?

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Have you seen icons of beautiful, iridescent, and would like to try to create something similar? Then the embroidery of icons beads – the kind of creativity that you will...

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Christmas miniatures, beaded

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Diameter 10 cm You will need (for one model): flap white Canovas fabric weave density of 52 cells = 10 cm 20 × 20 cm; beads No. 10...

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Useful tips for bead embroidery

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1. If you want to decorate embroidered clothes, keep in mind the following. Under intensive wear of the beads may fade or even oblasti. So before starting, test your beads...

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The basic techniques of bead embroidery

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Fixing single beads Bead you can just sew a stitch to the fabric, and you can use the beads of smaller size to form a smaller column. Instead of...

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Materials and tools for beadwork

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Needle Of course, the type and size of needle used depends on the size of the holes in the beads. The size of the needle typically corresponds to the number...

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Embroider with beads. Lesson two

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In the last article we got acquainted with the basics of beaded embroidery on the leather stretch. There we paid attention to the difficult moments of the (angular or rounded)...

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Learn to embroider with beads

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Beading really is a very difficult and, at times, to understand the intricacies and quantities of ways — Oh how not easy. So let's try to start small. Better to...

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