Blue vase

Small pharmacy bottle (5.5 cm in height, 2.3 cm in diameter) small beads (No. 11/0)-5 g white, 4 g dark blue, blue 3 g, 1 lightning and cherry.

Job description:
To turn a bottle into a bowl, make a beaded sheath. Niiice it in a circle in the technique of "mosaic" (see "Red vase" figure 1A, b, C). Start nisana bottom. Figure 1условно shows a fragment of the sheath in expanded form. Before nizati a narrow mouth, put the little pouch on the bottle. After completion of the threading of the cover, run the spanning rows at the top and bottom. The collar of white beads niiice on the line, threading the needle through the beads of the rows, marked in figure 1.

Blue vase Figure 1

For each stitch for 14 string of white beads. Figure 2 is a fishing line with beads conditionally designated line.

Blue vase Figure 2

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