Small beads (No. 10/0) -10 g blue, 2 g white, 2 g blue, wooden cube. a side of 2 cm, 6-7 cm of wire, 20-30 cm cord.

Job description:
The cube is made by threading cross.
Run a strip of four of the cube faces (figure 1A). Jumper strip connecting the first and last rows, as shown in figure
1B. In the diagram (figure 1A) at the end of the strip, the dotted line indicated the beads of the first row, Put on a bead ring on the cube so that the blue stripes appeared in front of the ribs. Bubbly cover should tightly cover the cube. Do the two missing sides of the cube, providing nizana through the blue bead edge rings worn on the cube (figure 1B). The diagrams of the last two faces (figure 1B, d, e) are marked with dot lines bead edge ring.
Cube keychain
Cube keychain
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