Bezel – accessory, which is designed not only to help deal with unruly hair but to emphasize our mood and create a new image. Decorate plain bezel by yourself

Decorate the rim

How to decorate the rim


For this to work you will need beads and beads. Color, shape and even texture of the material used is not important. It all depends on your mood and the chosen goals. In our case we use beads of white color. So a band can easily decorate even the bride.
I need to start our materials to turn into twigs. To elaborate on this we will not. It is sufficient to find on our website a few articles on making trees from beads. Everything is painted in detail and you should have no issues.

Decorate the rim

Materials for work

Now, produce branches from the selected beads, and you can get to the rim.
Take our solid, smooth bezel, satin ribbon (preferably thin, since we need to hard work), and proceed. Apply a branch and gently primative it to the rim. The turns should be smooth and tidy, and to cover the wire base of the twigs. By the way, if you do not want the wire was sometimes separated from the braid (and it can happen), then all the wire, you can wrap or strips or threads in the tone of the future product. In our case it is white.

Decorate the rim
So, gradually, we completely make out the rim of these twigs and satin ribbon. In the end, you can add beads and tonal primatv them with wire to the finished rim.
This accessory can be done not only for yourself but also for your child. Maybe your lady is preparing to responsible performance on the stage, and this accessory will complement a scenic image. Or even it's just a graduation in kindergarten and need to make your Princess more elegant.

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