Napkin with eagle
Large beads (n 6/0) — 100 g transparent, 35 g in black, 15 g yellow, g 5 green, 5 g pearl and, in addition, 9 red, 8 light brown beads.

Job description:
Like the two-headed eagle (figure 1) is often found on nizan products of the eighteenth century: napkins, cushions, bags, boxes. Napkin made nizanim crosses and fringe.

Napkin with eagle
Figure 1

Nisana crosses carried out in two ends of the thread. Follow the first row of chain in a single cross (figure 2A). The beads added in the last step of the threading depicted darker. The last in the first row of the cross niiice so that the threads are crossed in the side of the bead (figure 2B). Niite second row, threading the needle through the side bead of the first row (figure 2B). All subsequent rows follow the same way as the second — get the canvas (figure 2G), Its size determined by the number of crosses per row and number of rows.

Napkin with eagle Figure 2

When Nizhnii cross large products with complex pattern, it is useful to pre-transfer image on the paper in the box and on it mark has done the ranks. Another way is to put a ruler on the diagram. "stressing" performed a number of closing and subsequent series (as is done when the typist reprinting the text). This will help to avoid errors in the set of beads. And one more remark: almost all horizontal rows of the pattern symmetrical about the middle, and by performing them, it is easier to follow a pattern. Therefore it is better to Nizami in the horizontal direction.
When you are finished nisana cross, decorate the napkin around the perimeter fringe of hangers-eyelets, prinita them to take extreme beads of the base (figure 3)

Napkin with eagle Figure 3
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