This unusual decoration will proudly take a place in your jewelry box, or will be a nice gift for a loved one. The basis of this set includes a spider bead, which will be the suspension and the main element of the ring.


From the materials we will need beads of two colours, black and gold, two small beads for eyes, two large beads for the body and head of a spider. And, of course, the wire, which we will weave.

When all materials are on hand you are ready. Strung on a length of wire one gold bead, two small beads for the eyes, and another gold bead.

Strung on each tail 1 Golden bead and 5 black. And form the front legs short of a spider. This wire is returned through the newly recruited beads, bypassing the latter.

Now cross both ends of wire in a large faceted busine intended for the production of the abdomen and head.

Now it's time to deal with long spidery legs. On one end of wire strung 8 beads, alternating in color – one black, one Golden, and completing it all 3 black beads. And again fasten the bead, sending the wire in the opposite direction, bypassing the last dialed bead. So do the same with the other side. In the end we got 2 feet.

Also do one leg on each side.

Now cross the ends of the wire in a large faceted busine.

Then formed on each side on two legs, and fasten the wire.

The basis of our decorations ready. Preparing a pattern on which the spider will take its place. Strung on wire or fishing line of 10 gold beads, then make a cross out of 4 black. 10 beads again and again the cross of 4 black. And so, until the chain reaches the desired length.

Ring use the same netting, pre-measured finger.

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