This brand has long been known, and its popularity does not fall with time, but rather is constantly growing. And the thing is that these manufacturers, in fact, glass products, and are unable to learn how to handle the material so that it remains transparent. The necessary condition for the creation of jewelry.


We suggest you go to the store and purchase some Swarovski crystals in the shape of a heart, some bicone Swarovski beads and dark. All this will help you in creating a remarkable pendant that will complement your Christmas or everyday outfit. So, the pendant of a snake with their hands!

As the basis can be used as wire and fishing line, or monofilament.

First, let's use our hearts. Take one of them and strung a length of thread.

Next, string a bicone and seed beads, alternating them as shown in the picture, for each of the segments of the filament, and crossed both next heart.

Repeat these steps until our pendant will not reach the desired length. Here it is better not to get involved, so he does not get too long.

Now remained the least – to make a loop that will hold the pendant on the ribbon selected, and this will be a continuation of the pendant.

We need to cross threads 5 the bicone and 6 beads, strung as shown in the pictures.

All this delay, and the result is a nice loop that won't stand out. Now put the left thread to the right, through the hole in my heart, and right hand thread to the left side, using same hole.

Thread carefully hidden tie and tails. So they did not spoil the impression of the finished product.

In any case, to make such a pendant is not difficult, but it will definitely help you to Shine at the gala evening. Especially if you run it in colours matching your outfit.

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