And today we have here are the original round earrings that are perfect for any informal outfit for going to the movies or for a walk with friends.

Simple round earrings with beads


You will need beads of two colors, and faceted beads (they take 18 Grand on a set of earrings, if you want to make a pendant, add 9 beads).

Start with the fact that odletem each of our beaded beads. It shows clearly where and what color to use beads. For starters strung on a thread one bead and cross the two threads 5 beads, stringing them in the order in which it is shown in the diagram.

Further work will go in one thread, so when working with the first bead, leave one tail as short as possible. Following a number of solid beads, all of them need 8 stuff. The thread returned in a Golden bead of the previous row.

The next move is strung on a thread 3 dark beads, one Golden bead and. Return tail bead of the previous row to the one that is just before Golden, where we started.

Another 7 string of dark beads, and return the thread to the gold bead already this series. Thus establishing a circle of braided beads 9.

Following a number of the most simple, in it we combine our billet in a circle and added gold beads as a decorative treatment.

And the final touch in the formation of a small chain, again, of Golden beads. And it will be our fixtures.

That's all steam is amazing, and most importantly, it is not complicated earrings is ready. You can alternate shades and colors as you want. It is better to use the ones that dominate your outfit. So you'll create accessories that are not just to adorn you and complement your overall outfit, creating a charming and romantic look.

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