Has already passed time for the holidays, and the majority came back and plunged into working life. However, even in this case, there is an actual problem of Souvenirs to loved ones. For those who like to bring from trips different interesting things from vacation, is not difficult to find a few small colored stones to make the original seahorse.

Nautical souvenir


By the way, the basis for such products can serve not only to purchase the stones, but also any other, only to form fit. So, for example, can thus arrange these stones, found on the coast, waves break in the glass. In General, materials can be absolutely any.

By the way, in this product you will need knowledge of working with wire. We have offered you several options of weaving various decorations in this style and different technique. So, I hope that you will not have difficulties in the implementation process.

Oh yeah, in addition to a pair of coloured pebbles of the right size, you need to pick up in tonal beading and wire of different sizes. More fat will serve as the frame and forming the outline of our horse. But slim will be the material for filling the inner part of the figures.

Nautical souvenir

Also, you need to prepare the tools that will help you deal with wire. This is necessary in order to ensure that the product is smooth and beautiful, without flaws.

Starting work will be a sketch, you simply place the beads on the sheet of white paper and outline outline. Then a circuit is formed from wire of 1 mm and filled with beads, beads and stones chosen. And the hardest part is the entanglement of the Central element of the stone, as it is absolutely solid and smooth.

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