Beading - not a monkey's uncle! It openly declares the adorable monkey keychain beaded, some will want to have all your friends. Here they are, the antics of naughty-monkeys! Monkey. Keychain beadedMaterials:
  • beads-11/0 grain (brown, black, beige, red, pink);
  • oblong bead, black color, size 3 mm;
  • acrylic bead white, 7 mm in diameter, must have the large hole;
  • acrylic bead white color, diameter 10 mm, must have the large hole;
  • round beads black, 3 mm in diameter;
  • key chain;
  • dressmaker pin;
  • split ring for keys;
  • nylon threads
Monkey. Keychain beaded 1. Head monkey: stick to work surface with tape, nylon thread, length 70 cm, back 8 cm from the end. Guide the other end of the string through acrylic bead with a diameter of 10 mm. 2 Place the product glued end of the thread down and start stringing thread beading, obtiva rows of beads bead diameter of 10 mm. Monkey. Keychain beaded 3. String the beads on, as described in step 2, follow the number and color of beads. Put their need in the direction indicated by the arrow. During the weaving shape of the head monkey. Monkey. Keychain beaded4. Do the ears: make sure the string of beads that form the head and ears, stretched tight enough.
Monkey. Keychain beaded 5. If, after stringing for 15 number, it turns out that not all of the bead 10 mm covered with rows of beads complete the job a few more rows below the bead was covered entirely. 6. After stringing the beads for the final row, thread through the beads in row 1. Combine the tips thread in the initial point, tie several times. Monkey. Keychain beaded7. Remove the tape. Apply a small amount of glue on the knot.
8. Guide the thread through the beads 2-3, obligate superfluous.
Monkey. Keychain beaded 9. The trunk monkey: get acrylic bead with a diameter of 7 mm and a nylon string with a length of 60 cm. the Trunk is done the same way as the head. After stringing beads for a number of 12 finished, as in step 2. Monkey. Keychain beaded 10. Attach the chain for the key. Cut tailor's pin so that its length was 3 cm. Stick a pin in the torso first, then head keychain beaded. Give the protruding end of the pin the shape of a ring. 11. Put on a ring made from a pin, split ring for keys. Thread through the key ring chain. Here and ready keychain beaded in the form of a monkey.
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