Pig. Animals beaded To weave the pig, using the scheme of figure 1 make bead frame pink. Then take the circuit in figure 2 vyplatit the body of the pigs (plaiting and head). Ears weave, using the scheme shown in figure 3. Make a face by vpleteny Piglet how to do this are shown on the diagram of figure 4. Then draw the pig's eyes (figure 5) and cheeks (figure 6). In order to show the hair on the back of the neck, string the small beads black color size No. 13. The length of the fibers change from 4 to 7 pieces in the set (figure 7). Pig. Animals beaded Pig. Animals beaded Pig. Animals beaded Pig. Animals beaded To perform the lower lip, enter 8 pink beads (from the right cheek to the left), then paddlelite to 2 m, located at the center 3 beads. When you exit them score more 1 bead on each needle and pass through 3 beads from the left and right sides, then again poplicies to the cheeks of the pig. Enter another 2 bead on each needle, go to bead weave of the patch (figure 8). For vpleteny the upper legs of the pig follow the diagrams in figures 9 and 10, the top hoof is shown in figure 11. For the lower legs use the diagrams in figures 12, 13, to the bottom of the hoof - figure 14. For the tail, bend the hook wire and string on it beads 8 grey and then 5 - pink. Scheme for corn on the cob, which holds the pig shown in figures 15 and 16 (leaves). Pig. Animals beaded Pig. Animals beaded
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