Has long we have not paid any attention to the beaded animals and insects, focusing on jewelry. Available today to correct this omission. And make here's a fun keychain in the form of a butterfly.

How to make a butterfly key chain


You will need beads of different colors, a ring-base, and thread. The parallel weave, which our regular visitors are familiar with. If you are with us for the first time, you will not be difficult to grasp the essence.

And so, we need a long enough piece of rope (exact length difficult to say, because it depends on the size of the beads), fold in half, and fasten the ring-base. Now you can introduce the work of the beading.

Strung on one of the tails 2 black beads, and passed through them (to the meeting thread) the second free segment. It turns out that the threads are crossed in our strung the beads. Here on this principle, and to build the whole work on the butterfly.

The following series will consist of three beads, one light, one black and one bright. Also cross thread them.

In the next step formed the wings for our butterflies. On the right tail of thread strung 10 beads (you can alternate the colours as shown in the pictures, and you can create your own), and return the thread in the first of strung beads, bypassing others. Got this loop, which will be the wing. And so do the left side of the product.

Continue parallel to the weaving, forming the abdomen of our butterflies. The next 2 series will consist of 3 beads, and behind them a row of 2 beads. It just generated the bottom row of the wings. They should be a little less, so they will have enough 8 beads.

Next is another 3 rows of two beads, and the final one of the beads. String tie, and tails the remaining carefully hidden. And you will have finished key chain in the form of a butterfly.

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