Card No. 3

You'll need:

beads round shape No. 10:
approximately 1 g of yellow, beige and black;

copper wire diameter 0.3 mm-1.4 m.

Cut the wire 2 is cut at 40 cm for the upper wings and cut 3 at 20 cm for the lower wings and body. First, run the two upper wing see scheme 3 :


5ж 3G 2G

4б2ж1ч2ж-3б4ж2ч1ж-2б3ж2ч-1б2ж1ч1ж-1б2 well.


In order for the wings turned out delicate, use the following technique. After the eleventh series, the wire, which is located on the inner side of the wing, string beads following the diagram but the number and the wire from an outer side of wing 5 of the beads are yellow. Then the wire pass through beads strung on a different wire, forward and tighten both ends. The same complete the remaining rows of scallops. The scallops give the butterfly wings the original form.

Lower wings perform in the technique of parallel weaving according to the scheme:

1Zh 2G-1ж3б1ж-2ж1б2ч1б1ж-2ж1б2ч1б1ж-2ж3б1ж-3G-1Zh.

The trunk is manufactured from black beads according to the scheme:

1-(2 - 3x)-1-(2 - 2)-1-2-1.

Run the antennae of a butterfly. On the wire string one black bead, the end of the wire run through her again in the same direction (the bead will be inside the wire loop) the wire tighten and cut off the unneeded end. Unicam give the desired shape. The wings attach at the locations specified in figure 3.

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