To make a cute keychain of beads really easy. But in some cases, in addition to the usual materials you will need and more. For example, we offer you to make a doll keychain, which is based on one very unusual bead.

Doll of beads


This bead is the head of our doll. Let's see how many different colorful options that you can use in the work. And each time will get a completely different doll, with its own character and mood.

You can buy them in a specialty store, but you can (if you already have the experience) to do it myself. Remember, we already wrote about the basics of making beads from glass with your hands. And you can use as material and polymer clay, it can also get very decent face.

In addition to the head, you will need bicone and Rivoli.

First, let us make handles dolls. For this purpose we use a 3 mm bicone Swarovski pink color, and two 5 mm bicones white (transparent). Connect them as shown in the pictures. It is better to use the line, not the slim version. Once the item is ready, the tails of fishing line to connect (associate) with each other, and carefully trim off the excess and hide the remains.

Now let's skirt our keychain. In the course of going 6mm beads Rivoli dark color. Strung on fishing line 6 of these beads, again linking the tails of the line. The excess is trimmed, the tips of the hide and the result is that such a round billet.

Next, take the 8 mm Rivoli, already pink in color, and formed of them the exact same ring as in the previous step.

Now take a stud that is used for making jewelry. If you do not find the same in the store, it can be done by hand. Just take a fairly stiff wire, and to form at one end a small loop using pliers.

And so, take on our stud all the blanks, starting with the last details, and finishing with the head of the pupa. To pin it all on the nail – bites off the excess, and again forming a loop, but in the upper part of the product. For this loop it is very convenient to hang the keychain.

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