Key chains beaded weave interesting and entertaining. At this time we do a little Koala. Koalas mainly eat eucalyptus leaves and almost whole day sleeping on the trees. Probably, it's nearly nightfall, because this baby doesn't sleep and is going to eat a favorite treat. Koala. Key chains beadedMaterials:
  • beads-11/0-grain white, black, green, and blue colors;
  • black oblong bead size 4 mm;
  • white acrylic bead with a diameter of 7 mm with a large hole;
  • black round beads with a diameter of 3 mm
Koala. Key chains beaded 1. Head: glue the tape to the work surface nylon thread, length 70 cm, departing from the end of 8 cm. Guide the thread through white acrylic bead with a diameter of 10 mm. 2. Placing the product glued end of the thread down, thread to thread the beads so that the rows of beads covered with a bead diameter of 10 mm. Koala. Key chains beaded 3. Continue to thread the beads as in step 2, follow the number and color of beads. String it in the direction of the arrows. Koala. Key chains beaded4. How to make the ears: pull the string so it does not SAG.
Koala. Key chains beaded 5. If, after stringing beads for a number of 15 of the beads with a diameter of 10 mm will be uncovered with beads, add some more ranks to cover it completely. After stringing the beads for the last row, slide the thread through the beads of row 1. Tie the ends of thread, make 2-3 node. Koala. Key chains beaded6. Remove the tape, apply a little glue to the knot.
7. Guide the thread through the beads 2-3, the excess ends cut.
Koala. Key chains beaded 8. Torso koalas: take acrylic bead with a diameter of 7 mm and a nylon string with a length of 60 cm is the Torso, like the head. After having strung the beads for row 11, finish the job, as in step 5. Koala. Key chains beaded 9. How to make the branch and attach to the front and rear foot: thread beads on a string with a length of 50 cm. 10. String green beads-grains for the branches, position it at the belly of a Koala. Add a green bead, run thread through the beads, which end front and rear legs (see diagram). Tie the thread, trim the ends. Apply a glue node. Koala. Key chains beaded 11. When attaching the branches, make sure that the torso faces to the right. 12. Attaching key chains: cut tailor's pin to its length was 3 cm. Stick a pin first in the torso, and then head figures. Will zakruglenie protruding above the head end of the pins. 13. Attach to a ring made of dressmaker pins, split ring for keys. Miss split ring key chain. Fasten the chain. So you can weave yourself key chains beaded animals.
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