Card No. 2

You'll need:

beads round shape No. 11:
about 1 g of brown;


about 1 g of a silvery color;

♦ the bead number 10:

2 pieces yellow or green;

♦ copper or silver wire of diameter 0.2 mm is about 1.2 m.

(set included)


This dragonfly is all on one wire. The work begins with the lower torso. String onto the wire two brown beads and place them in the middle. Then on one end of the wire string two more beads and pass the second end through them towards the first, well tightening the wire. Then follow in the technique of parallel weaving the body of a dragonfly (see scheme 2) formed in the course of the wings of a silver technique:



23C 27C

(2K -18 times)-3K-4K-4K-4K-4K-4K-4K-4K-4K-

23C 27C


To run the wings after the third row of four beads are string on each end of the wire 23 beads silver color and pass the wires towards each other through the previous number (the second of four beads).

Then similarly pass through the third row and continue up to the sixth row of four beads. Here in the same way do the wings of the 27 silver beads and continue the manufacture of dragonflies on the scheme. After execution of the antennae, close the ends of the wire in any way.

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