If you haven't started to prepare for this holiday, now is the time. According to the beliefs of the British, and from there came to us this holiday, in the night from October 31 to November 1, the impure force is showing unprecedented activity. And many people like to thematically decorate your home for the occasion. So, try to make little spiders out of beads for the interior.


Most importantly, what can they take not only the role of themed decorations and small gifts for those who will come to visit you in such a special night.As a rule, the holiday is celebrated in English-speaking countries. And on his immediate homeland, in England, it lost its popularity.

On the contrary, in America, where this holiday came relatively recently, it has become almost national. And gradually, Halloween is starting to gain momentum in our country – themed parties, costumes, decorations and your favorite carved pumpkin.

But let's leave history, please refer to our spiders. For work, we need the tubes to clean the tubes. Of course, you can take an ordinary wire, but these rolls are fluffy, making them ideal for creating fluffy legs of a spider. Another material – beads, in which holes, you can skip a tube.


Our spider 8 legs, so we'll need 4 tubes of suitable length. Fold them in half, and twist the top. Roll tight enough that the legs do not lost. So formed the body of the spider.


Now each leg will be decorated and strung with two beads, black and a lighter color, so the spider will be more realistic.

And now add another bead on each joint of the legs, and all. Our spider for the interior is ready, you can put it aside and engage in the manufacture the following.

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