In this polotence one edge smooth, with no protruding eyelets — smooth edge. The smooth edge is used in the design of the sewing edge of collar and cuffs.

To get smooth edges in dimensional lace is also used polotnyanko "a couple".

Rolling pins and zaplet — as during normal polotnyanko without Peravia pairs (figure VIII. 12 in the article Polotnyanko without Peravia pairs). To get an even edge without protruding outside loops, you should put a pin at point nakola not proplachennymi between pairs (as in the main polotence or polotence with perepevom extreme equity pairs), and so these pair of extreme equity and chassis was left of the pins. Then the left pair, the former chassis, write on the edge, and running the pair is getting extreme equity pair. This new chassis a couple proplete all equity pairs, draws the outside edge of the lace and returned to the edge. Here is interlaced with extreme equity by a pair of edges (the former ways) is exactly the same as described above. Couples are being left behind with a pin, chassis changes places with extreme equity couple. So, when you run polotnyanko "a couple" running and pair of equity retained behind the pin and change places (figure VIII.42).

Polotnyanko for a couple

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