Based on the pattern "miluska" you can build rolling pins cuff and collar for Schoolgirls. Is performed thread C/b of coil No. 30-40 nine pairs of bobbins.

Rolling pins constructed in the same way as in the pattern "miluska", polotnyanko 1 cm wide with points Nacala 0.5 cm in a checkerboard pattern (figure VIII.45). Smooth part of polotnyanyi is constructed with a length of 3 cm, in General, the width of the collar is defined at 6 cm is performed for cuff rolling pins with a length of 15-18 cm After the straight section of polotnyanyi she goes to the education edge also performed by polotnyanko with perepevom extreme equity pairs. At the transition of polotnyanyi edge is built in the right angle of its rotation, and then build polotnyanko edge.

The construction of the collar stand is the same as the cuffs, only its length is determined by the size of the collar of the dress, usually 38-40 cm, and the construction identical with the cuff.

Zaplet choose in an inconspicuous place — the place of polotnyanko. Sewing needle, but you can do the lining by one of the methods described below.

The school collar with cuffs
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