This kind of polotnyanyi has greater sparsity than other types of polotnyanko. Often it is included in the multipair lace in the form of fragments. In a separate netting it has spread in the lace Sahajiya that in the Leningrad region.

Rolling pins and zaplet performed at skolkov main polotnyanko. The number of pairs is determined by the width of polotnyanko — used threads, the distance between the points Nacala etc Feature complete this polotnyanko is that when you weave the running pair in front of each equity and equity perebivaetsya; therefore, this type of weaving is called "polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs", and in short — "polotnyanko in Perevi". The number of Perevalov is determined by the thickness of the threads and the distance between the points Nicola. Usually running a couple perebivaetsya once, and shared a pair of 1-3 times (figure VIII.32).

Polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs
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