Runs from 6-8 pairs of bobbins n/a, one pair of filigree (decorating thread) of the iris, viscose embroidery thread in Hanks on a Perm rod. Filigree propitaetsya polotnyanko, you can place it in the center or on the edge.

Skolok. Two polotnyanko, width 0.75, or 1 cm, with points nakola of 0.5-0.75 or 1 inch, in a staggered manner. Polotnyanko located at a distance of 1 or 1.5 cm from each other. Join polotnyanko radii, respectively, 0.5 and 1.5 cm Initially built point Nacala on the inner sides of polotnjano, facing each other, opposite each other, and then built towards them staggered point Nacala external lines of polotenec. Product length can be different. Point Nacala on external lines turn polotnjano built as a continuation of the external lines of polotnjano respectively selected points Nacala 0.5-0.75, or 1 cm, and the point Nacala on domestic routes turn polotnjano are built in a staggered manner relative to the external points of the external lines of polotenec. In the centre is completed by filling in the form of squares, connecting dots pinhole internal lines of polotenec. You can decorate these squares otbivnye loops (figure VIII. 14). Bookmark for books
Zaplet start with the center of rotation of polotnyanyi horizontally. Put two pins at the edges of polotnyanko, and the rest distributed between them. Perform polotnyanko (almost all) to the place of the last connection with platescope filling two pairs emanating from polotnyanko, extreme equity and sea, begin execution pleteshkovsky grid center. Platescope filling the center runs on the principle of eight, i.e. platesat goes from one end of polotnyanyi to the opposite side that connects them.

We reach the edge of the bookmark, go back to the original output platessa. The ground overlay Plachkov and approaches to conduct polotence connection — coupling (figure VIII.15). Bookmark for books Bookmark for books
Hitch connection of the two elements. Connection platessa with polotnyanko conduct in the following way. Remove the safety pin from the joint platessa with polotnyanko. Enter your hook into the loop of polotnyanko, picks up one of the threads platessa and pull it into the loop of polotnyanko. Then in a loop formed by extending the other thread along with the bobbin. Pull both threads. Hitch ready.

Hitch two of platescan when overlaying them on each other is identical, only one thread of platessa picked up the sky in the form of a loop hook, covering pleterski, and this formed loop is pulled the other thread with the bobbin. The threads are tightened, and the loop is tightened. The coupling is made.

The lining (the end). To doblesti pair to Zaplata, remove the pins, on which were hung a pair of bobbins. Concatenate each loop with the two relevant threads, tie them neatly prostop them to the outer edge, the fringe. On the other end of the bookmark to hang in the center of rotation the same fringe. The bookmark is ready.

You should not forget about the position of the pillow when you run lace — it should be located so that pairs of bobbins was always opposite to the face of masters, and when turning polotnyanko the position of the pillow should be changed according to this rule.
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