Performed 10 pairs of bobbins, of which 9 pairs of thread reel of cotton No. 3 0 and one pair of filigree thread viscose, iris embroidery floss in Hanks or on a Perm rod.

Skolok. Build radii 8, 9, 10 and 12 cm circumference. The outer edge of the doily is performed by a mesh width of 2 cm At 1 cm from the mesh to the center is polotnyanko width of 1 cm in the construction of this doily to pay attention to building foreign nakola of polotnyanko. Opposite them are the point Nacala inner side of the mesh. On the outer edge of the mesh points Nacala are built in a staggered manner in relation to the points Nicola on the inside of the mesh. Completing the filigree pattern in the mantle. Point nakola of polotnyanyi on the side nearest the centre, being built in a staggered manner (and subject to appropriate lattices) to the points Nicola the outside of polotnyanyi (figure VIII.51).

We remind you that the point of the pinhole across all builds are based on the radii connecting the center with the middle of the distance between the points Nicola. Diamonds platescope oplata between polotnyanko and mesh built with otbivnye loops in the centers of them.

Zaplet start with the implementation of mesh, and then you polotnyanko. In its execution, the pair go on the run diamonds between polotnyanko and mesh. To perform a grid center can go a pair of polotnyanko.

The napkin souvenir bobbins
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