For decoration are used lace nasnavi. Most often in lace meet oval nasnavi (figure VIII.24).

Rasnovka is performed by two pairs of bobbins, three of which serve as the basis, and the fourth goes along, like a duck, twisting their polotnyanko. When lagging of the upper half of nasnavi, it is expanded by holding the main yarn, widely dissolved in the parties. Narrowing is achieved by tightening suspension threads. In completing the transverse thread should gently tighten and the tip of nasnavi quite narrow. The elongation of a running thread to move cautiously and to lengthen when the running thread is left hand, the tension of warp threads when this action must be maintained. The warp threads in the weaving nasnavi should be equal in length, not more than 10-12 see If during operation an error occurs, rasnovka rasplatitsya. The value of nasnavi determined by drawing at Schalke.

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