Lace is based on polotnyanko in Perevi, vyputatsya thread cotton reel No. 30-40 for 6 pairs of bobbins.

Rolling pins — polotnyanko 1 cm wide with points Nacala 0.5 cm, located in front of each other. The Central pinhole in the center of this rectangle. Or you can count 2 of edging lace, connected by crossing two suspension pairs (figure VIII.34). Lace Goat
Zaplet 4 pins: 2 extreme — 2 pairs of bobbins (extreme equity and chassis), 2 domestic — equity pair.

Zaplet start with extreme equity pairs, where a pair of edges of the chassis, after a full Zaplata with couples on these pins, go to the center, proletayut towards the internal equity of the pair. Put a pin in the center of the rectangle, running the pair in the center perebivaetsya 2 times and weaved. After a pair of pins again full woven braid and go to parties. Perebivaetsya chassis pair in the center before and after Zaplata the same number of times. Running a pair of pairs between equity edge perebivaetsya once, and shared — 3 times. Fragment is executed. Continue weaving, moving from the edge of the lace toward the center and back.

You can vary this lace what running couples can go to the opposite side, and pair of equity can be inside of the edges colored (figure VIII.35).

Lace Goat
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