Polotnyanko — the main element of the lace, which is a tight braid, made with a plain weave. A pair of bobbins located along the leaf, is called equity, like the basis of a cloth in weaving, and a couple who proletaya them, like a duck, it called a running pair (figure VIII. 12). Polotnyanko without Peravia pairs
Rolling pins of polotnyanyi is constructed on graph paper. Conduct two parallel lines at a distance of 0.5-0.75, or 1 cm from each other. Point Nacala built through 0.5-0.75, or 1 cm from each other in chessboard order. Width polotnyanko and the location of the points are determined nekola performed by the product. Large items (tablecloths, paths, etc) are wider polotnyanko (up to 2 cm) with dots Nacala to 1.25-1.5 cm In collars, cuffs polotnyanko the narrower point Nacala closer. When locating points Nicola at the edges of polotnyanyi can be guided by the following measurements: 2-3 mm when braiding bobbin thread cotton No. 80; 3-4 mm n/a no 40; 4-5 mm n/a No. 30; 5 mm n/a no 20. In the classic version of polotnyanyi width of 1 cm is applied 8-9 pairs n/a No. 10, with 20 points Nicola 0.75 cm in a checkerboard pattern. If you use a thinner thread, the number of pairs increases.

For ease of development of polotnyanyi build rolling pins her for the 5 pairs of bobbins, n/a, cotton No. 10. Width polotnyanko 0.75 cm points Nacala 0.5 cm in a checkerboard pattern (figure VIII. 13). Polotnyanko without Peravia pairs
Zaplet is always held horizontally. The beginning of the work is also the place it ends, so it is chosen in an inconspicuous area in the collar on the neck, sewn in its side; the waistcoats and jackets under his arm, in the shoulder; in products with a figure closer to the turn of polotnyanko. Zaplet you can start with either side. Line Zaplata put pins: two at the edges of polotnyanko, and the rest distributed at the same distance from each other. The number of pins is one less than the number of pairs involved in weaving. In our example, 5 pairs of bobbins put on the line Zaplata 4 pins. Label each pin on a pair of bobbins, and on the right extreme — 2 pairs: equity and chassis. Extreme equity pairs are pairs of bobbins, arranged on the edges of polotnyanko. Extreme equity pair is taken in the left hand, and running in the right pair. Running a few Zapletal, i.e. thread both pairs of bobbins weaving, transplanted and re-interlaced — ie carry a full zaplet. Running pair is in the left hand, and equity — on the right. Delayed proplacheno couple on the right, change in pairs: re-running a couple move into the right hand and on the left take the next couple of equity and committed full zaplet as with the previous pair. So depleted until the end of polotnyanko. After each plexus equity and chassis pairs in the development of weaving, check the plain weave. After the last equity Zaplata with a pair of push pin to the point Nacala. Running a few private 2-3 times and re-weave it with extreme equity couple. Continue netting until the next polotnyanko Nacala, etc. For the qualitative receipt of polotnyanyi equity and lead the pair to pull. The threads on the bobbins should be of equal length. Not to confuse equity and chassis of the pair.
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