Lace-stitching width 1.5 cm based on the implementation of polotnyanyi in Perevi. This lace is mastered a new element "spider". Lace runs 8 pairs of bobbins, thread, bobbin, cotton M s 30-40.

Rolling pins-polotnyanko width 1.5 cm with dots Nacala 0.5 cm in front of each other. In a fragment of lace consists of 4 points Nicola on each side, and in the center of the rectangle built Central pinhole.

Or it can be considered in two edging lace, connected by two suspension pairs with each of the edges (figure VIII.36). Lace Spider
Zaplet 6 pins: 2 extreme — two pairs of bobbins: extreme equity and chassis flanges, the pair of bobbins.

Zaplet start with extreme equity pairs, where after a full, Zaplata with them running proletayut equity pairs pairs edges, and retained. Internal pair of 3-th and 4-th pins in the center be running, go to each edge, and perevelas proplata on your way running a couple of left edge. Then edges back to the center. Now, in the center of the chassis 4 pairs that are the "legs of spider". Before plexus pairs they perebivaetsya 2 times and woven together by polotnyanko. Between couples after plexus is a pin and re-executed interweaving of polotnyanko. "Spider" is made. On the way out of the "spider" his "legs" perebivaetsya same number of times, what they were pens before joining the "spider". The upper "leg of the spider" goes to the edge of the lace — edge, proplete all these pairs, and returns to the center of the end that is the beginning of the other piece of lace. The bottom "legs the spider" after previva as well proplate all these pairs and returns to the center. Mirror is a second half of the lace.
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