Lace — edge width of 1 cm. Edge is called lace, which has one smooth side edge and the second undulating edge. Running 4 pairs of bobbins, including 1 pair of filigree thread floss Hanks on a Perm rod and 3 pairs of thread reel of cotton № 10 (or flax 14,5 2 addition). Performed by polotnyanko without Peravia pairs.

Skolok. Polotnyanko 1 cm wide with points Nacala 0.5 cm in a checkerboard pattern (figure VIII.21). Lace - edge
Zaplet on 2 pins: 1 pin from the edge of the 3 pairs of bobbins: filigree (color), chassis and extreme equity pairs; for 2-pin th — 1 equity pair of bobbins. Zaplet start from 1st pins with colored yarn, which, as a running pair, after a full Zaplata all pairs on this pin proplete a couple of bobbins on the 2nd pin and retained, becoming extreme equity pair the outer edges of the lace.

Running steam from the 1st pin after Zaplata equity pair on the same pin goes to the outer edge of the lace, proplete polotnyanko all couples, including and color a few extreme equity. Put a pin at point Nacala. Running pair perebivaetsya 1-3 times and returned to the edge, proplata all couples polotnyanko. Upon completion of 3 pinhole (moves) chassis remains on edge. Extreme colored pair becomes a hot couple, proplete all equity pairs to the edge.

Put the pin around which the colored chassis pair makes a turn, at the same time perebivaetsya 1-3 times and returns to the outer edge of the edge to its place, proplata all couples polotnyanko and becomes again the extreme equity couple. The fragment is executed (figure VIII.22).

Lace - edge
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