As the lace is woven, not separate bobbins, and the pairs, it wound threads on them in pairs: first one and then without taking your thread to another bobbin, which is wound thread held in the right hand and rotate only the right to the left as tighter and smoother. After 2-3 m of the yarn, loop it, as shown in figure VIII. 1. To do this, put the thumb of the right hand on the wound strings on the neck of the bobbin and continue to thread wrap finger. Formed in the finger loop drop on the head of the rod. Then winding the thread about the same length, tear it off and wound on a second bobbin. Fasten the thread is wound as described above. Between the wound bobbin remain thread length up to 30 cm In figure VIII.2 a, b shows the sequence of winding. Winding the threads on the rod Winding the threads on the rod
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