To create collars and consequently cuffs, you can use multiple dimensional lace. A sample of such a construction of the cuff is proposed for development. Respectively constructed and collar. Take a sample of a lace-agramant, consisting of two polotnjano.

Build dimensional lace skolok (figure VIII.53). One side completes polotnyanko flange, and the connection of agramant with polotnyanko hold the edges of the cuffs (the collar).

Performed agramant 8 pairs of bobbins, each polotnyanko on 4 pairs of bobbins, of which the center is a pair of filigree, propitaetsya polotnyanko; the remaining 6 pairs — thread bobbin, cotton No. 12, 20. Start zaplet from two places: from polotnyanyi sewn edges and polotnyanko of agramant. First there is agramant, then one polotnyanko from agramant sutured; propitaetsya to polotnyanko of agramant, and its vapor are discarded, and the remaining polotnyanko is to perform edge — polotnyanko sewn edges. After its execution, is the lining.

Collar with cuffs
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