An extensive group of lace in which the pattern is created by two polotnyanyi. Most often it is a straight edge-polotnyanko made in Perevi all pairs. The edge can be decorated "a couple" or without Peravia pairs, decorated with filigree, etc.

The second polotnyanko in this lace has a wavy structure, in the form of hemispheres made of different kinds of polotnyanyi, previw all pairs, with the pairs of extreme perepevom equity, equity perepevom one extreme pair etc Running pair most often in each polotence their own, but they can exchange, alternation, etc. Sample implementation of such a lace is shown in Fig. Lace edge 2.5 cm wide running 8 pairs of bobbins, the bobbin thread cotton No. 20. Performed by polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs.

Skolok. Lace consists of two polotnjano, one of which — edge-polotnyanko width 0.75 cm points Nicola using 0.75 cm in a checkerboard pattern. The building blocks of the second polotnyanko in the form of a hemisphere of radius 0.75 and 1.75 cm from the edge. At the outer edge of the festoon are building a 3 point Nicola using 0.75 cm and 2 points of matching ovals. Internal point of festoon are built in a staggered manner in relation to external — 4 (figure VIII.37).
Zaplet 5 pins starting from the edge: on the 1st pin 2 pairs of bobbins extreme equity and chassis edges, on the 2 nd pin — shared pair of edges; 3-pin — 2 pair equity pair of edges and internal equity pair festoon.

Zaplet start with run the edge from the 1st pin where running a pair of edges proplete all pairs of edge polotnyanko in perevel, is in connection with the equity pair of festoon on the 3rd pin, is braided with her and goes on the run edge. Edge edge running "a couple". Running a pair of festoon from the 5th pin goes to the inside point Nacala oval (festoon), proplata all pairs of festoon in Perevi. So runs the entire carrier. Upon completion of festoon his suspension pair left on the outside. It becomes extreme equity pair in the next carrier. The inner pair of festoon after Zaplata with running edges is the following the festoon stays there in the center. And finally, the last pair festoon equity after Zaplata with running a pair of the edge becomes internal equity in the next couple of festoon. So, running a couple of festoon and edges remain in their polotnyanko and festoon equity pairs change their position. Fragment is executed.
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