Souvenir performed by polotnyanko with perepevom extreme external equity pairs. Running 7 pairs of bobbins, one pair of filigree iris, viscose embroidery thread in Hanks to rod and the rest of the thread reel cotton (or linen 14,5 2 addition). Filigree propitaetsya second pair of outer edges of polotnyanko.

Skolok. With a radius of 5 cm construct a circle, divide it into 12 parts to build a 6-petal flower. Conduct to further build a circle with a radius of 0.5 cm — to fill the center with a radius of 1 cm for the edge is sharp turn polotnyanko and a radius of 2 cm for points Nicola sharp turn polotnyanko. Polotnyanko width of 1 cm oval flower petal 1.5 cm, inner: 0.5 cm Finish ovals in the petals of a flower. Point pinhole between the petals of the flower building from the sharp turn polotnyanko using 0.75 cm, the petal — staggered. On the outer edge of the petal — points Nicola using 0.75 cm, inner — staggered. To finish filling in the centre. Rolling pins flower is ready (figure VIII.47). Souvenir Flower
Zaplet one of the corners. In the center are elongated coupling. Ulyana coupling occurs chassis pair that is longer, pin is not at the edge of polotnyanko, and in the center, and then upon completion of all the elongated strips from the last point of extreme equity and chassis steam, formed platesat that the pattern connects all the long running threads and returns to the place of its exit.

You can make this souvenir a combination of mesh and polotnyanko. Is identical to this souvenir, you can create a small souvenir napkin. Samples, chopping in full size and the photos are presented in figure VIII.48-VIII.49.

Souvenir Flower Souvenir Flower
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