More complex is the group of lace, which on the outer edge runs serrated fringe — festoon. This toothed rim is subjected to the greatest development. Examination of the most easy to build and run the lace of this kind will enable the Lacemaker to go not only to perform complex lace, but, having mastered the technique of creating patterns to create their own. Rolling pins in figure VIII.61.

Lace "Pavlinka" is a kind of lace-edge, which edge is joined by a festoon, which has a peculiar structure. Running a pair of grid goes to the formation of the festoon. In the center of festoon features a split generated by changing the position of the chassis pair. Festoon can run the usual polotnyanko, polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs, you can enter for decoration lurex that make this lace more festive, elegant. The combination of festoon with different kinds of a grid, enabling the festoon to a wider lace, the inclusion in the grid add-ons — all this creates many very elegant lace.

Lace Pavlinka
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