The building and running of products with more complex pattern easier to imagine performing a souvenir napkins.

In building skolka methods and simple techniques that you can use to create a variety of patterns and designs, using the laws of symmetry.

We would like to recall the simple method of making snowflakes out of paper. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it so that all the folds passes through the center. Then with scissors cut curly wedges and unfold the sheet. It turns out a symmetrical shape like a snowflake. Using this principle, you can create designs and patterns beauty in symmetry.

You can use the principle of building polygons. Most often, napkins are composed of 6, 8 or 12 pieces.

For a sample of a stylized tree. Made 1/2 of the figure, the copying is completed to the full picture, and then in the 6-carbon polygon repetition of a fragment of the entire pattern doilies (figure VIII.52). Build platescope fill (lattices in the center) is better done on graph paper, choose it according to the intended pattern. When connecting lattices and polotnyanko need to remember that the point of Nacala polotnyanko are built on the intersections with the lattice, because a small displacement of pixels Nacala in polotence will not affect polotnyanko, and the offset in the lattice break its symmetry. The napkin is made of 7 pairs of bobbins, one pair of filigree propitaetsya "rope" in the center of polotnyanko. Thread reel cotton No. 20.

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