Implementation, the construction of collar-stand with cuffs identical to the build bookmark. Can be made from 5 pairs of bobbins n/a C/b №№ 10, 12 and 1 pair of filigree — iris thread, viscose embroidery thread in Hanks or on the rod — a total of 6 pairs. Filigree can be done in the center or outer edge.

Skolok. Built two polotnyanko width 0.75, or 1 cm at a distance of 1-1*5 cm from each other. The length of the cuff — circumference of the brush + 2 cm for shrinkage. Length of collar - stand is calculated by the circumference of the neck + 3-4 cm for shrinkage. It is better to start building a pinhole of the internal lines of polotnjano, facing each other, and then staggered them to build pinhole points on the outer sides of polotenec. In the centre is built Pleshkova lattice in the form of squares with otbivnye loops in the center. With the outer edges of the cuffs and collar completes pleteshkovsky braids provides in the form of corners with otbivnye eyelets on its top.

Zaplet start from the edge of the sewn part of collar, the edge of it. Upon completion of polotnyanyi two pairs are used for the implementation of lattices in the centre of the collar or cuffs, and two in the implementation platescope oplata.

Ending the product performed by a sewing needle.
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