Platesat has the form of a flat cords. Is platesat two pairs of bobbins, thread, cotton reel No. 10.

Rolling pins (figure) platessa is a straight line where a distance of 0.5-0.75, or 1 cm from each other are points Nacala depending on the thickness of the filaments (figure VIII.4). Platesat
Zaplet (figure VIII.5) (the beginning of the weaving) we start with what we put pins to the point of beginning platessa. Start platesat possible with a single pin set at the first point Nicola in a straight line and hang on it two pairs of bobbins. You can start weaving with delivery direct beside the two pins and hanging on every couple of bobbins. Picking up a pair of bobbins, performed first previw once, then the plexus, ie perform the weaving baseplate. Breeding pair of lace bobbins in hand, trying to shimmy them not only in parties but also in length. At repeated repetition of such weave is obtained platesat. Platesat is strictly based on the cleavage — the distance between the points Nicola. Deplete to the point Nacala couples to dissolve in hand, between them, put a pin and then continue weaving platessa.

Platesat Platesat Platesat   Platesat
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