Very delicate and elegant lace, made of Plachkov. They may consist entirely of Pleshkov (figure VIII. 11 the article Lace Picot platescope) or most often consist of edges and platescope oplata.

Edge in the lace of these is performed as described above (figure VIII.33 the article of Edging lace Skrainka). New in the lace is pleteshkovsky braids provides. It can be one platescan in the form of otbivnoy corner with an eyelet at its top (figure VIII.39) of the hemisphere with otbivnye loops (figure VIII.40), alternating corner with the hemispheres, etc. It can be 2 and 3 placesca that make up a certain pattern (figure VIII.41).
Skolok. The edge lace is based on the equity of 2-3 pairs is performed by polotnyanko previw in all pairs, the usual polotnyanko etc. braids provides is performed simultaneously with the performance edge. Connection platescope oplata with the edge as follows in the approach platessa to the edge of the 2 pairs platessa interwoven as one pair with a hot pair of edges of the complete braid, then put a pin, a pair of newly woven full Zapletal, after which they diverge in their areas: the lead — in edge, others in platesat. Use plexus "2 pairs for one" in the lace makes this compound much more delicate.

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