This grid is the background. Firmware runs 10 pairs of bobbins, thread, bobbin, cotton No. 30-40.

Skolok. Firmware this lace — 2.25 cm, where the edges are edges with a width of 0.25 cm 2 with equity pairs. In the center between the edges to fit the two squares with dots Nicola edge on 0.75 cm (figure VIII.55). A simple lattice baseplate
Zaplet 6 pins: 1 and 6 through two pairs of extreme equity and chassis edges; the 2-nd and 5-th pins in an equity pair of edges; on the 3rd and 4th pins on the two pairs of bobbins.

Zaplet start from level 1 pins, where after a full Zaplata equity with extreme pair on the same pin chassis proplete edge and retained. Then one of the pairs on the 3rd pin after Zaplata with its pair on the same pin on the bias, perevelas, proplete running a couple from the 1st pin goes to edge, proplete her and left. Continue weaving following couple from the 4th pins. After a full Zaplata with its pair on the same pin pair is in the edge proplata in its path left a couple from the 3rd pin, 1st, 2nd, and performs edge and retained. Left pair is from the 4th pin proplete pairs from the 5th and 6th pins, i.e., performs the edge, and continues weaving in the opposite edge on the bias, proplata all the pairs on its way (from the 3rd and 4th pins, edge, etc.), and left. Now all couples initially come to the edge, right, perform it and then on the bias go in the opposite edge, proplata all the pairs of bars on the way. We should not forget about the same number of Perevalov pairs in the lattice and edge as many times as required by the distance between the points Nacala, and pins in the centers of the weave in the lattice are required (figure VIII.56).

A simple lattice baseplate
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