Lace-agramant has two identical hand made ovals. Performed by polotnyanko in Perevi all pairs. Thread reel cotton No. 10, 8 pairs of bobbins. Including 2 pair of filigree in the center, perepletenie polotnyanko.

Skolok. Build on the line with a radius of 1.5 cm circumference in contact with each other. Build from the same centers of the inner circle with a radius of 0.75 cm, the connecting circle tangent so as to form a figure eight. Build point Nacala external radii of polotnjano using 0.75 cm apart (3) and, accordingly, they staggered, build the pinhole point on the interior side of festoon (4) (figure VIII.38). Lace-agramant
Zaplet 5 pins on the 1st and 5th pins on 2 pairs of bobbins extreme equity and chassis, on the 2nd and 4th pins — a pair of bobbins filigree 3-pin — 2 pair pairs of equity polotnjano. Zaplet start from 1st and 5th pins, where the suspension couples, each in their polotence you - meat previw all couples, filigree with polotnyanko, festoon, and then are left with external parties. Equity pair of festoons in the place of decussation, stitched with polotnyanko, moving to the opposite side. Fragment is executed.

You can vary this lace, to complicate it by adding on one or both sides of polotnyanko, platescope oplata etc.
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