Lace edge 2.5 cm wide runs 10 pairs of bobbins. Thread reel cotton No. 20-30. Lace consists of edges, festoon and fill between them, made "spider" and latticed.

Rolling pins is done based on lattices with a side flange through 0.75 cm Built festoon as in the preceding lace, only between the teeth festoon on the formed square under construction "spider". A pair of cloves goes to the formation of "legs of spider", and after "the spider" spent on education festoon, be it equity pairs (figure VIII.63). Lace Kink with a spider
Zaplet on 4 pins: on the 1st and 2nd pins of an equity pair of edges; 3-pin to 4 "legs the spider" and on the 4th pin — 3 pairs of festoon. Zaplet start from 3rd pins. Running weave on the bias: one pair ("foot of spider") goes into the edge, performing it in Perevi, "a couple" and left. From the same pins of the second pair ("foot of spider"), proplata left the couple goes to the edge and also left. Further netting continue from the 4th pin of the chassis by a pair of festoon, which proplata all the pairs on the pin goes to the connection with the next "leg of the spider", which after running Zaplata with a couple of festoon becomes his equity, participating in its expansion. Identical plexus is performed by the following "spider leg" for the implementation of the festoon. The extension ends in a festoon, in the future, there is a stricture, which entered into him, the pair go after the full chassis Zaplata with festoon and go to education the next "spider". Don't forget to previati "spider legs" 2 times before and after the plexus and remove the pin for its implementation. Upon completion of "spider" two pairs going to fulfill lattices and other two — festoon.

Once you have mastered performing simple lace, made on 3 elements, you can move on to implementation, the design of lace, in which you can expand latticed, enter polotnyanko striping, mesh. The cloves can also be performed by polotnyanko with perepevom extreme pair, and polotnyanko in Perevi, mesh, etc.
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