Lace-firmware, i.e. with smooth edges. Build skolka identical to the construction of the lattice in baseplate, only in the center of lattices build a "spider" to 4 pairs of bobbins (figure VIII.58).

Commencement and performance of the lattice to "the spider" run, as in run grille baseplate.

Performing "the spider" interlocking zaplet in the full 4 pairs ("spider legs"). To plexus "legs the spider" perebivaetsya the same number of times, and then interwoven with polotnyanko in the middle of the plexus, to the point Nacala, put the pin in, once again holding a plexus polotnyanko these pairs. Emerging from the plexus of the pair cell as many times as they were pens before joining the "spider". Then "spider legs" go to the education grid.

Instead of "spider" you can build a square and complete it with netting, polotnyanko, etc. (figure VIII.59).

Lace-firmware Lace-firmware
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