Tissue performed 10 pairs of bobbins of bobbin thread, cotton No. 30, of which one pair of filigree — iris, viscose, embroidery thread or the same thread in three addition.

Skolok. The radius is 7 cm construct a circle is the inner side of the mesh, the outer side is constructed with a radius of 9 cm. on graph paper Construct the most simple latticed. Then at the point of intersection with the inner side of the mesh point build Nikola 0.5 cm, already towards them in a checkerboard pattern build points Nicola the outside of the mesh. Completing the pattern of the filigree. When building lattices and mesh remember that you must save the geometry of the lattices. You can not move a point Nicola at the intersections with the mesh or polotnyanko, because even a slight displacement of the points of Nacala Pleshkov further violate the geometry of the lattice that would occur after the third washing (figure VIII.31).

Zaplet start with the execution of the mesh, completing her, finishing the sewing needle, and two pairs are used for the implementation lattices.

Netting lace doilies
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