Beads Stone tale

You will need: beads of various shapes of semi-precious stones combined colors (white, green, beige etc), plastic spacer beads gold, fishing line, screw clasp, scissors.

  • On the fishing line tie a knot and wear him for one part of the clasp.
  • The stringing is carried out by separating each beads of stone from the neighbouring with gold beads in the dividers in the following order: one oval bead four beads of various shapes. So to continue to the end to the desired length of beads.
    Beads Stone tale
  • The last string on the second part of the clasp, tie a knot, so he went inside of the clasp.
  • If beads of semiprecious stones faded, covered with a film of fat dirty from constant wear and contact with the skin, then return them to their former beauty can hold them for several hours in a solution of detergent, or washing in a weak solution of ammonia, at the rate of 10 drops of alcohol to one glass of water.

    Some stones do not like moisture, so they can only be cleaned with a suede or flannel cloth.

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