This technique of weaving somewhat similar to corals, which we have already discussed in one of our articles. But, nevertheless, slightly different, that's why we decided to give it a separate master class.


So, to create this necklace you will need beads (one color can be different), monofilament or fishing line and a needle that goes into the bead hole.

By the way, this technique will help you to create a variety of jewelry, changing the colors of the beads, size and shape. The options here very much, so, after studying this master class, you will be able to add to my collection not one, but several decorations.

For starters you should pin to the fishing line or monofilament, your stop bead. She is not involved in netting, and serves as a nodule that does not give the core the beads fly off the threads in the process of weaving.

Then strung a number of beads (the last 5 are of our main characters, so don't get carried away with the length – it's all the same sample). And now fix our low, sending the needle in the penultimate bead, bypassing the latter.


Then strung on thread 2 beads and put the needle in the beads 4, bypassing the 2 following. Thus, you form a small pointed leaf on your low.

Using beads of different sizes, and altering a few stitches, you can get different versions of the leaflets. For example, here are.

It is worth considering that the less prepared the leaves, the more realistic they look. Too long the leaves between the rows of a gap, which can ruin the whole experience.

And another tip: it is not necessary to form too dense bead necklace, for you will have in the process of working through them back, weaving leaves. So it is better to start practicing with a small sample to get hand and find a middle ground.

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