Necklace of beads Winter's taleAbalone is mother of pearl, the source of which are single shell mollusks of the genus Haliotis, which translated from Greek means "sea ear".
To complete a beaded necklace you will need:

  • bead number 10 light blue transparent rainbow
  • beads No. 10 crystal
  • beads No. 10 white Ceylon
  • crystal beads 6 mm
  • crystal beads 3 mm
  • beads white pearl 7 mm
  • cabochon abalone
  • fabric for embroidery cabochon (felt, cloth, interlining, and glued 5-6 layers)
  • thin skin
  • glue
  • clasp

Doing work on making a beaded necklace
Scheme No. 1 weave mesh-a base of light blue beads. Work from the middle. First, spin one half, then the second is symmetrical. Further, according to the scheme # 1A pidplates additional beads. On the upper edge pidplates additional beads, lining edge, bottom edge, popleteal beads and performed a fringe of low white beads and beads. On the edge of the mesh-the basics to sew a zipper. Necklace of beads Winter's tale The cabochon to glue on the fabric that does not require edge processing. Let the adhesive dry. According to option 2A sew a basic row of beads, attaching them as close to the cabochon. Further, according to option 2B odletem cabochon "mosaic" weaving. The number of rows depends on the thickness of the cabochon. The beads of the last row to go a few times, strongly pulling the thread. Cut away the excess fabric as close to the beads, but so as not to damage the thread. Glue the skin, allow the glue to dry. Cut off the excess skin and according to option 2B performed sallochy a row. Necklace of beads Winter's tale Perform the jointing of the cabochon. According to option 3A on the beads sedlackova of a number of executing a number of slips of blue beads. Further, according to the same principle, only on the beads of the bottom row braid cabochon performed a number of leaves of a transparent bead according to option 3b. On the beads of the next row braid beaded fringe to be performed according to option 3b. Necklace of beads Winter's tale Flowers For necklaces, you will need 6 flowers. Each flower consists of 2 tiers. The bottom consists of three petals, made by the scheme # 4 of crystal and blue beads and connected as shown in Fig. 1. The second tier weave the schemes Nos. of 5A. d. combine First 6 beads in the ring (figure No. 5A). Then weave the petals of the blue beads (scheme No. 5B-C). Then on the same 6 beads weave some petals made of white beads (scheme No. 5g). Then use these beads to weave a number of the petals of blue beads (scheme No. 5D). The result is a flower, as shown in Fig. 2. Connect the tiers and in the middle, sew a pearl bead with a diameter of 7 mm. Leaves scheme No. 6 weave white beads 5 sheets for cabochon and 10 leaves for the flowers. Necklace of beads Winter's tale Assembly sew the Cabochon in the middle of the mesh base. Around the cabochon to sew 5 leaflets. Further symmetrically from the cabochon on both sides sew flowers and leaves as shown in the photo, or laying out their composition. A beaded necklace is ready.Author Svetlana Netcong

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