Want to look like a Princess or the Princess? Then weave yourself a beautiful beaded necklace. Diagrams and step-by-step description of the work, will help you with this.

The Princess - a beaded necklace. SchemeYou will need:

  • Czech beads number 10 crystal clear;
  • transparent pale green with silver line inside;
  • Czech seed beads No. 8 olive;
  • bicone clear crystal 6 mm;
  • beads round transparent olive green 8 mm;
  • faceted bicone transparent olive green 6 mm;
  • oval bead-transparent olive green 15 mm;
  • 3 round cabochon (Venetian glass) with a diameter of 20 mm;
  • square cabochon 20×20 mm;
  • button (for clasp) with a diameter of 15 mm

Execution of work: Necklace of beads (scheme) is designed as a high stand-up collar, fashionable in the late XIX early XX centuries. General appearance and arrangement of the elements shown in Fig. 1. Step 1. Odletem round cabochons. Recruited 30 beads and closable in the ring. Next on the scheme № 1 weave 5 rows. Step 2. Odletem square cabochon scheme No. 2. Step 3. Scheme No. 3 weave the first chain. When he reached the middle, change the direction of the weave to create a symmetric figure (Fig. 2). Step 4. In the center of the first chain sew the cabochon using low beads and olive crystals. Step 5. Weave second chain, skirting it around the cabochon, similarly changing the direction of the weave in the middle. At each end of the second chain drag to the first, as shown in the diagram No. 4. Step 6. In the formed corners filed two round cabochon. Step 7. Weave the third chain, plaiting from the edges to the first two according to the scheme № 4. Step 8. Weave the remaining two chains (fourth and fifth), sew oval beads and square cabochons. Step 9. Scheme No. 5 transparent 10 and olive beads No. 8 odletem region. Step 10. To the finished product sewn as a clasp button. Decorate her bead, weaved according to the scheme edge. So, fully prepared with our beaded necklace.
The Princess - a beaded necklace. Scheme

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