For many centuries the beads were used to decorate various accessories, clothing and even interior. Jewelry from this material used and continue to be in great demand. And not surprisingly, they really look very original. So, today, we have a diagram of the necklace under a romantic name – the Azalea.

Bead necklace. The weave pattern


For work, we need pearl beads 6 mm in diameter, faceted beads 4 mm in diameter and beads are 11 mm and 10 mm.

Strung on monofilament, it is possible to weave on fishing line, 12 beads smaller, 2 larger beads, pearl beads and 2 larger beads. It all connected in a circle, crossing the thread in the last 4 strung the beads and busine. This is the beginning of the first element for our necklaces.

Begin to decorate this element. Send the needle 4 bead series, which consists of 10 beads size, and strung her 1 faceted bead, 5 beads 10, and another faceted bead. Then send a needle into the 3rd bead of the base and extending through the 4 beads. If someone do not understand something, note and diagram. There are all well depicted.

Bead necklace. The weave pattern

For the next row string a bead and the beads in the same order, only as second beads we will be bead from the previous row. Send the needle in and extend through the 4 beads of the substrate.

And so do not yet complete the entire arc. And then continue to weave according to the pattern. Every other item is left without additions. This also applies to when weaving.

The number of elements depends on the desired length of jewelry so it all depends on your preferences. You can make long to make it down to the chest area, but you can do it the way that it was wrapped around the neck. In addition, you can also make the bracelet in this same pattern.

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