Collar "Elegance"

This olejnicek saw on a lady in London. He trudges elementary, and looks amazing! The color, the length, number and size of the beads in the segments can be varied as you like, you can even add charms :)

Collar Elegance

In this case, the length of the collar 36 see, it consists of 11 segments, in the neck, this model looks like this:

Collar Elegance

Bugle - 55 pieces
Black beads: 3 mm - 12 pieces
Black beads - 136 pieces
Reinforced thread (if you prefer a tough thing - use a thin fishing line).

On a string strung 5 beads, the clasp 5 beads, 1 black bead, then the needles pass "forward" through the black bead, pull the thread;
On the one hand to recruit 5 beads and 1 bugle, with another 5 beads, pass needle "forward" through the beads, tighten the string;
On the one hand to recruit 1 bead, and 1 bugle, 1 bead, pass "forward" through the glass beads, etc. according to the scheme:

Collar Elegance

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