As a rule, the idea of gifts visits us too late, when time finding something original is not enough and to buy it if only it was, too, do not want to. And there is an option – you can make the gift by yourself. Here is the author's necklace is easy to implement, and looks quite cute and funny.


In General, we will need beads of two colors, if you want to bow was colored, clamps, wire, clasp, chain with small beads and jewelry wire.

On one end of our wire cut install the clip, it will stop beading.

And start stringing her beads, alternating colors. Their number must be 11 white, 9 pink. Only 4 of the white line and three pink. At the end of the wire, it is not yet cut and installed the clothespins or any other clip which can be removed upon completion of work.

This clip or clothespin necessary for in which case, there is a place to move the beads on the wire. Formed from recruited low bow, and only after that cut the excess wire and installing the special clamp.

We print on a small piece of wire 9 pink beads.

Wrap the resulting cut around the center of our bow. The ends of the wire crossed in the clamping busine, after which the surplus is also cut.

Share our chain into two equal parts.

Of jewelry wire forming two rings, you can buy ready-made. And fastened with bow on each chain.

On one side of the chain, add a clasp, with another large jump ring, to be able to fasten the clasp.

And the final touch. Take jewelry carnations, strung him bead pink and form a ring over it. Now this design is placed on the fastener ring. You can pack the gift and rush to the occasion.

Color solution necklaces might be different.

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